About me 


My story begins as some of your own stories probably do, by quitting a job in marketing that I absolutely hated. From there I started doing freelance graphic design work, mostly in the non-profit sector. It was during that time that I created my first company, mdc designs invitations.

As you can imagine, a freelancer’s pay is pretty irregular, so I had to start up my company with as little money as possible. (I had rent to pay after all). So, I did everything I could by myself, even some things I probably should not have! It was a hard slog, but it inspired me to open mdc designs small business branding. I wanted to be able to help small businesses like mine to achieve their success in an easy, affordable way.

I’ve always loved to work with small businesses because I get where you’re coming from. I’ve been there!

I can’t wait to hear your story!


A few more facts about me

  • I love coffee, and I can go to sleep right after drinking a cup. (ok, my husband says a pot)

  • I’m always reading (and always looking for good book suggestions)!

  • I love to sing (sorry neighbours).

  • My Netflix list is a weird mix of British series, superhero shows and B99.