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Frequently Asked Questions


Below you’ll find answers to some of our most common questions.

Custom Design

+ Do you create custom logo designs?

Yes, absolutely! If you are looking for a logo designed from scratch, just for you, or if you would like some changes to one of our premade designs that is not included, please contact me.

Custom logos start at $300 for 3 concepts, with 2 revisions on your favourite.

+ Do you create custom websites?

Yes, custom websites start at $600 for a 5 page responsive website. This includes 2 revisions per page, domain registration, e-mail set up and a personal overview of Squarespace.

Please contact me for more information.

+ How long does it take to get my Quick Start logo?

You will receive your first proof within 2 business days of purchase. The timeline afterwards will depend on how quickly you are able to communicate your first revisions and your approval for the final design.

+ What files do I receive with the Quick Start logos?

You will receive a PNG (transparent background) to use on your website, a JPEG (white background – high res) to use in print, and a White Watermark PNG (semi-transparent image on a transparent background) to overlay your photos.

A flattened vector file is available as an add-on purchase.

+ Can I get a business card designed to go with my new logo?

Yes, you can choose our Quick Start Business Card Designs, which feature your logo on the front and a choice of layouts for the back with your information (choose from 6 great options) or a fully custom design (contact for prices and details). You’ll receive press ready digital files to take to a print shop.

Other custom stationery design is also available.

+ Will I receive any physical products?

No, all our products are digital files only. There are no physical products sold by this site.

+ Can I get a favicon or an Instagram style logo?

Yes, in addition to your main logo layout, you can add a Favicon (the little icon in your web browser), a Facebook logo layout (square) or an Instagram logo (round. You can also get all three!

+ Can I retire a logo?

Yes, one of the options we offer for our logos is to have the logo permanently removed from our store. If it’s never been sold before that means you get a completely one of a kind design!

If you would like to find out how many times, if any a logo has been sold please contact us.

Quick Start Website

+ Will I have to set up and install the websites myself?

All your pages will be set up and installed for you. I do any coding necessary and layout all your text and images on each page. You will need to provide the content, purchase hosting & your domain, and communicate any revisions necessary.

See questions below for more info.

+ What do I need to provide?

I require all website copy and images before I start your website. I recommend that you use the demo pages of the sample websites as an outline, to help you organize your site.

Text may be edited for layout purposes on the website.

+ How should my photos and images be formatted?

  • Photos and images must be a web compatible format (jpg, png,gif)
  • Squarespace recommends images smaller than 500 kb for faster loading. The limit is 20mb.
  • Banner images should be at least 2500px width.
  • Gallery pages have a 100 picture limit.

+ I need an additional page to what I see in the template. Can I add pages to the site?

Absolutely! Additional pages are $55 a page for informational page or $70 for a blog page (or other specialty page.) Please contact me to purchase.

+ Can you write my website text for me?

I would be happy to refer you a professional content writer who can work with you to help you create your website text. Please contact me for a referral.

+ Will I need to purchase hosting and a domain for my site?

You will need to purchase hosting from Squarespace. We generally recommend the Squarespace business plan as it supports the premium features, customizations and coding that our templates use.

If you purchase a Squarespace annual hosting plan you will receive a free custom domain for the first year.

+ How long does it take until my website goes live?

It generally takes 2 weeks or less to get your website up and running from the time I receive your content. This turnaround depends greatly on communication from you, with your revisions and approvals. Communication is key when it comes to working together. Delays in your communication will impact turnaround times.

+ Can you help with GDPR compliance?

I cannot offer legal advice to help with your GDPR compliance, but I can help by disabling Squarespace’s Activity log and Analytics and by adding a cookie banner so that visitors can opt into cookies. I can also add in a page for the privacy policy that you create. The cost would be $75 for all of the above.

Website Maintenance

+ Can you update my website for me?

Yes, I completely understand that that not everyone wants to update their own website. Check out our website maintenance plans for more info.

+ Can I update my own website?

Yes! At the end of the process I’ll give you a handy guide that explains how to update your text, photos and blogs and even gives you some SEO basics.